Video is exploding online. Predominantly driven by social media platforms, video has been described as a “megatrend.” Brands simply cannot afford to ignore video advertising.

Of course video will not be effective on its own and should be integrated with the other pieces of your digital marketing puzzle. But there is little point shoe-horning video into your digital strategy - you should be leading with it!

Now Google has switched to its ‘Mobile-First’ search results, online marketers should be thinking about creating video-first content in order to blend seamlessly with the Big G’s search ambitions.

Video is the most consumed media on mobile devices and the fastest growing medium in the marketplace. Furthermore, video is a solid performer against KPI’s and prompted 80% of brands to increase their budgets in 2018.

According to reports, adults in the US spent almost six hours a day watching online video. And with the social media giants and eCommerce behemoths providing tools and platforms to publish more videos, the swing towards online video will continue to grow.

As a matter of fact, the number of people accessing online content through connected TV’s is already growing 10% y-o-y.

The decision to include video in your marketing arsenal is no longer a question, but a necessity. The real question is how to approach video advertising. And that’s what we’re here for.

Let’s take a closer look!

Drive Action

You can use video advertising in a variety of ways; to raise brand/product awareness, provide information, drive conversions of for full-funnel impact.

However, to really drive results, says YouTube, marketers much turn the attention of your audience into action.

You also need to go where your audience is and know what they are into. Look for behavioural and content trends, and get your audience involved.

A prime example over the last year is the YouTube game, Fortnite which had a meteoric rise and significantly inspired brands that adopted the trend. Check out these stats.

• 50 billion views

• 6% of YouTube Influences created Fortnite videos

• Over 80% were not gamers

• Fortnite features in over 2000 sponsored videos

• 1/3 of the videos are from 3rd party brands with no connection to the game

So what took Fortnite mainstream? The Fortnite Dance Challenge (FDC).

But should your brand buy into gamified ads?

There is a strong argument that gamified ads will work for some brands. The crossover of gaming in eSports and live-streaming brings consumers into the ad experience and prompts interaction.

The Instagram Story

Story-Driven ads are also the future of ad content. It’s no coincidence that social media players include a Stories feature on their platforms which allows content creators to develop story-based ads.

When you think of ‘Stories’, Instagram immediately springs to mind - although, Facebook and Snapchat have also introduced similar features this year.

However, Instagram is leading the way because it is so easy to use. You can create a video in ads manager at the click of a button or three.

Although videos only have a 24-hour shelf-life on Instagram, the urgency appears to be working for brands. It is estimated that 81% of businesses on Instagram use video.

Let’s not forget that Instagram is the fastest growing social network and IGTV has made a significant impact despite only being launched in June 2018.

Facebook Watch

Facebook’s growth has unsurprisingly slowed, but it is still the most popular social platform out there. Furthermore, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has big plans to turn the platform into a unique video channel.

Short form video, unscripted content and lifestyle programs will be dumped by viewers in the months to come in favour of polished ‘entertainment’ shows produced by the big names in video production.

Will Facebook Watch be the next Netflix? Who knows, but the social behemoth is certainly gearing up to put itself in the spotlight. Facebook executives know video is hot. You should take their advice on how to make videos.