Non-profit organisations are reaching more people through digital channels, and as we head into the end-of-year home-straight, everyone knows this is a time for giving.

Online donations grew by 23% last year, and a report published by Mr Benchmarks reveals that the number of people donating by mobile phone increased by 9%. This accounted for 40% of donations given through non-profit websites.

The report also states that 50% of donations come from desktop users, although the numbers were down by four per cent from the previous year.

Global Trends In Giving indicate the 54% of donors prefer to donate online or with a credit card and 45% are enrolled in a monthly giving program.

Social media is also a popular platform for donors. Facebook recently announced that 20 million people have raised over $1bn on the platform since Facebook Fundraiser and Donate Buttons were introduced in 2015. The number of donations given on Instagram were up 44% this year.

With online content diversifying across devices and platforms, non-profits are challenged to reach audiences wherever they are, and on any device.

Charitable Offers

Whilst social media is a primary driver of content for non-profits and profit organisation alike, the most important aspect for any business is how you engage your audience. It’s all about how you sell an idea.

Entrepreneur, Abhi Sambari leads by example with his film production business, Vercel. The media agency was set up specifically to help non-profit organisation produce content and reach audiences without having to fund the project.

Sambari wants to promote “conscious capitalism” by producing micro-video documentaries and facilitating donations from viewers at no cost to non-profit organisations.

Because the platform is branded around social change, people are already invested in the idea even before they select a charity to donate to.

Ecclesiastical, the specialist insurer, is also offering to donate, £1000 to 120 different charities in the 12-days of Christmas run up. Winning charities will be nominated by the public, so make sure your audience are hitting the Twitter and LinkedIn links every day.

Social Video

Video has a dramatic impact on viewers, and the more dramatic the video, the more emotionally involved your audience is.

The trend among non-profits this year has been to create videos that viewers can relate to on a personal level.

CityMD, a doctor’s clinic in New York picked up on seasonal illnesses to encourage coughers and sneezers to visit their GP rather than infecting everyone at work with their illness for Christmas.

Compassion and Choices chose to release their second video at a sensitive time of year. Their purpose is to pressure the Senate into passing a law that shows compassion for terminally ill patients. The charity wants to give people a right to choose if they want to end the suffering.

In the UK, White Ribbon has focused on the help needed by victims of domestic violence. The purpose of the video is to raise awareness and help lovestruck women recognise they are in an abusive relationship.

Last but not least, global children’s charity, Right to Play has released a series of emotive YouTube videos showcasing how donations help to improve the lives of children that benefit from the charity.

A key point to this video is that donors want to know here their money is being spent and see their generosity actually makes a difference.

It may be too late to make your 2018 video, but we trust these nuggets have given you plenty to think about as we head into 2019.

And to get those last minute donations in over this festive holiday, hit your social media networks and encourage your followers to promote the good work you do as well!