With 88% of marketers confirming last year’s holiday ad was effective, we thought we’d take a look at the key marketing techniques ahead of the 2018 year-end run in.

Needless to say, video features heavily in marketing plans for 2018, so we’ll also take a look at how you can attract maximum exposure from your digital video.

As a matter of fact, Animoto indicate that video with be one of the key drivers this holiday season. In a recent survey, 80% of marketers confirmed they plan to publish a social video over the holiday season.

A marketing trends report published by slide.ly reveals 45% of marketers plan to increase the amount and the regularity of content they publish over the holiday season.

Do you want to see what you’re up against?

Digital Video Strategies

There are many ways of making videos that connect with your customers, but the most important aspect is how you compel consumers to take action.

Documentary journalist, Bernardo Loyola, says the best method is to develop a brand voice that has a unique approach to story-telling. The voice shapes the content.

Marketers are well aware that creativity is key to engaging content - something 67% confess has been lacking during the push for digital growth.

Research published by Sizmek reveals insights into how marketers are beginning to nurture creativity, with 83% of respondents confirming they have adopted premium interactive formats such as animation, sliders, gamification, and not forgetting scratch and reveal configurations.

If you’re short on time, Vidmob suggest making better use of digital formats customers are already used to such as animated GIFs that offer some festive cheer and stacking videos to tell your holiday story.

Holiday Shopping Trends and Video Strategies

A survey published by ParcelLab shows 49% of UK shoppers conduct half their Christmas shopping online.

Unsurprisingly, millennials and Gen Zers are the biggest digital spenders with 62% and 55% respectively despite delivery taking at least a day longer and the post-purchase service not hitting the standards of the rest of the year.

But this just goes to show how the convenience of shopping online over the holiday season can help shoppers navigate what is often considered a chore. Gift buying.

On the topic of Christmas gifts, fashion label Diesel has released a holiday video campaign showcasing the awkward moments when exchanging gifts go wrong.

There is a valid reason for this.

Personalised videos that viewers can relate to are an effective video strategy - as Vidyard demonstrated with their personalised video that crushed industry standards for click-through rate and open rate.

Elsewhere, Burberry called on celebs such as Matt Smith and Naomi Campbell in a video that shows the eccentricity of a British Christmas, whilst Aldi UK has created an animated video that tells the Christmas story of Kevin the Carrot and Little Red Riding Hood.

So if you’ve not made a festive video for the holiday season yet, there’s still time. Not much time though. Doesn’t it go fast!